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Domino opens Chinese factory

Domino opens Chinese factory

Domino Printing Sciences has opened a new factory in Changshu, China. The new Domino factory is located in the Changshu Economic & Technological Development Zone, among the chemical industries concentrated area along the river.

The planned area covers 26,667m2, with the total investment figure approximately £19 million. The primary plan is to build 3 production lines, including ink production, ink jet printer assembly testing, as well as Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) assembly testing. An annual output of 14,000 labelling devices and 2,500 tonnes of ink are both part of the company’s plans.

The Chinese market is an integral part of Domino’s overall vision for its future development. Domino China has been present in Beijing since 1995, and in May 2002, Domino’s Asia Pacific Headquarters were established in Shanghai. Since then, the company has invested in 4,500m2 of production facilities, providing improved service to customers in China, and concurrently providing products and technical support services to the Asia Pacific Region.

Johnny Tan, general manager at Domino Printing Technology, said: “China is one of Domino’s biggest regional markets. In order to support the company’s development strategy, we chose Changshu, which is close to our Shanghai headquarters. With this location for our new factory, we will be able to serve the Asia Pacific Region more effectively, especially the Chinese market, by improving the efficiency of productions and logistics.”

Rachel Hurst, group operations director at Domino Printing Sciences, added: “Domino is constantly looking into growing markets abroad and China has proven to be a region worth investing in. With the launch of the new factory in Changshu, we will be able to introduce new products to the Chinese market, while also providing the high level of service that has become synonymous with the Domino brand.”

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