Asia CanTech awaits

Bangkok cityscape at twilight. Image: Shutterstock

We are now less than one week away from Asia CanTech 2022, and our team is busy making final preparations before the flight out to Bangkok.

This year’s conference will reunite can makers and suppliers after the event’s almost three year hiatus period, promising to bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulating in informative speaker presentations, lively exhibitions, dinners and the much-anticipated can awards ceremony.

This year also sees the return of our Candid Forum, in which a panel of industry experts will answer questions from our audience and discuss sustainability-related issues within the metal packaging sector. If you’d like to send in any questions ahead of the event, please contact me via the email address below my signature.

All attendees to the conference should now have received their tickets and event programme via email but please get in contact if you require any more information.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week; safe travels to those coming to us from outside of Thailand. Thank you in advance to all our participants and we hope you have a brilliant show.