Asia CanTech – a new virtual event

Asia CanTech – a new virtual event

Dear All,

After lots of deliberation, discussions with the industry, and looking at the different options available, we have decided to go virtual with Asia CanTech this year. With the way things are in the world at the moment, with social distancing and the possibility of countries closing their borders at the drop of a hat, there is no way we could guarantee an event in Vietnam.

The Covid-19 world has changed dramatically, and we have decided to move with the times. The virtual event offers you the opportunity to still get out there, without the danger of infection and the difficulties of travel and quarantine.

Across many other industries, virtual events are becoming the ‘new normal’, for now at least, and we have decided to offer you the opportunity to do the same.

Suppliers: Asia CanTech 2020, The Virtual Show will be held on the live date of 23 November 2020, with one month on demand access following this date. The virtual event will run in a very similar format, with tabletops and presentations over a one day period. The big difference is that we will be online for a one month on-demand period, allowing you to show videos, presentations, promotional material to the world’s can makers 24/7. There will also be sponsorship opportunities.

Can makers: you will be able to register for free, and see some of the latest technology to help improve your line efficiency. You will be able to watch presentations and videos, download material and ask questions and have discussions privately on a one-to-one basis.

I genuinely believe this will be the best opportunity we can offer you to reach your customers this year safely and without the uncertainty of travel.

Please contact Kyra, Mark or myself for more information.

Keep safe.

  • Neil McRitchie, Conference Director

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