Intercan wins Asia business

Intercan wins Asia business

Intercan Group is to ship two IPP8 Proofing Machines to Asia in the coming weeks.

Peter Strode (MD) said: “We are particularly pleased with the current orders as one of these machines is sold to Bao Steel for a new plant in Vietnam and the other is for Hanil Can, South Korea.

“For Bao Steel it is the second machine they have purchased in their group (the first was installed in Shanghai) and it is good to work with a forward looking Group and assist them in the establishment of their business in a strong, emerging market such as Vietnam. The contrast to this is Hanil Can in Korea, who are a very respected, long established can maker in that country with very strong technical background.”

Strode continued that, in his opinion, this illustrates to Intercan that their proofing machine is ‘of interest and benefit in all markets whether established or emerging’. Combined with recent sales to Aerosol manufacturers, the IPP8 has established itself as the standard for two-piece print proofing across the beverage, aerosol and metal tube industries.

“With 37 machines now operating across 19 different countries, the experience and skills we can bring to the can makers in this area is, in our opinion, second to none,” concluded Strode.