Round-up of this year’s Asia Can winners

Here is a round-up of this year’s winners:

1. Beverage innovation – Universal Can

This two-piece aluminium screw-top bottle with metal caps is a product that inherits the advantages of two-piece DI cans with their light weight and high recyclability and combine it with the ability to re-seal, which is a great convenience for consumers. The screw-top is designed elaborately and formed precisely to make it easy even for children and elderly people to open and re-seal the bottle. The bottle has a 38mm diameter wide mouth. Bottles of 310ml and 410ml are currently produced to meet different requirements, and the geometric shape of the bottom, neck and screw of the bottle are optimised using a high level computer aided design.

2. Ends – Ardagh Group

This company’s knowledge of easy open end making has seen the launch of the first ever 73 diameter 0.16mm gauge. This gives a 20% material saving over the current market practice of 20 gauge. It extends its range of EOE products and is compatible with different customer processes.

3. Decorative – IMCP

The laminated can entered by IMCP has an eight-colour printing – white, three shades of blue plus CMYK. The attractive printing shows the background blue screen fading away gently, allowing the strikiing dark blue logo to stand out and catch the eye. The blue progressive screen supports the balance of this design to really make a simple design promote itself.

4. Food Innovation – Crown Food Packaging Thailand

The winner in this category is a new introduction to the market: a 307 x 409 quantum shaped can. It has a modern shape and differentiation, is easy to hold during opening and features a large can diameter. 20ml less fill volume is required, and it is less prone to dents and damage. It also improves the axial load performance.

5. Speciality – Easy Pack

Easy Pack’s can is manufactured in India and has a rich look and small crystal bead mounted on the tip of the can. To achieve this, the company has used a paper tag as a closure on the mouth of the can with reverse seaming technology. It is printed in a vivid, royal blue with intricate embossing on the can body, with a range of colours demonstrated on the design.

6. Three-piece Food – Swan

The judges particularly noted the clear printwork on this three-piece food can and recommended it in for its shaping.

7. Two-piece beverage – Kian Joo

The can with a six-colour print has a smooth curve of the 202 size neck with dynamic brand naming in white under an effervescent gradient green. It combines a wide range of expert supplier equipment and processes with a six colour Concord, Belvac Necker, INX inks, Valspar varnish, AkzoNobel internal varnish and SPG’s engraver plates. It was noted for its particularly well-executed gradient printwork.

8. General line – Tinpack

This tin can was executed with a four-colour print. It is a  gold laquered 309 can with a slip on lid.