Shinsegae Food debuts plant-based canned ham

South Korean domestic meal service provider, Shinsegae Food, has announced the release of its new plant-based canned ham under its US subsidiary Better Foods. 

“Hormel Foods’ Spam has dominated the global canned ham market since 1926,” said Shinsegae Food’s chief executive officer, Song Hyun Suk, during a press conference. “But in almost 100 years, we have become the first to make a vegan canned ham that has almost the same taste and texture.” 

According to the Korea Herald, the CEO added that, compared to other competitors who promote Korean foods unfamiliar to international consumers, Shinsegae Food can offer more western-oriented alternative meat products, including vegan ham, meatballs and other luncheon meat. 

Shinsegae Food is set to invest US $10 million by early 2023 to establish the global infrastructure needed to produce plant-based meat products and adopt research and development technology from the US. 

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